There are a lot of scams and confusing materials out there when it comes to getting grants. First of all a grant is free money. It is money you do not have to pay back. The money does come with conditions and there are qualifications you have to meet. If you are looking grants for single moms for money for school there are grants and scholarships to assist you in getting or continuing your education. The number one grant is the Pell Grant. Initially you will complete a FAFSA. Since this is a need based grant make sure you have your financial information with you when you log onto the site. The FAFSA application will be able to connect and retrieve your last year’s tax return.

College Money

If you are looking grants for single mothers for college, you can find money at the school you are going to attend. You can ask for grants other than the Pell and there are also scholarships at the college. While some of the scholarships are “need” based, others are academic or major based. Make sure to ask what you qualify for at the college. You can also look to philanthropic grants for money to go back to schools. Websites like the Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund and Women Empowering Women have money available for single moms and even “niche” college majors.

Business Money

If you are searching for specific grants for single mothers to start your own business or agency, or some other type of grant, then using a site like the Small Business Association or using the free trial for might be helpful. If you are a minority female single mother there are even more opportunities to find grants.

Philanthropic Money

Local non-profits, churches, and agencies may also give out grants for single mothers. Those grants are usually need based and are either for school or items like clothes and food. There are some that also mimic social services and will give money for daycare, rent and utilities. Check with local charitable organizations like churches and “helping” agencies to see if they give grants.