In the current era, women are pacing up faster than men in earnings. The idea of women being confined only to homes, doing housework and caring for her family has changed. If you are a woman, who is inspired to do better in your career then there are few jobs to consider. In this article, I am going to tell you about the top 5 high paying jobs for women. Take a look.

Whether you are a single mom, happily married or a single, as a woman you can prefer these careers. These jobs are extremely rewarding.

  1. Blogging

As a woman, even I am in this field so I know how rewarding it is. This is the reason why am I suggesting you this. Today, this is one of the best paying jobs for women. Every woman’s passion is to be creative and unique from others. Women wish to stand out of the box by staying at home and working. If you are in such thoughts, then blogging is the ultimate option to go with. Even though it takes some time, it is highly rewarding. Just pick something that you are interested in. Say for example, jewelry making, fitness, parenting, crafts and so on. Start your own blog and write high quality articles. Attract the visitors with your writings. The more you gain visitors, huge are the earnings.

  1. Fashion Designing

This is one of the top paying jobs for women. Every woman’s loves to wear stylish clothes. So, why not take the job of making people wear some exclusive outfits designed by you? Once you get good reputation in this field, each outfit designed by you can be sold for thousands of dollars.

  1. Landscape Architect

If you are artistic and nature lover, landscape architect is something, you need to choose. These days it is in huge demand. In fact, it is one of the high paying jobs for women. Be creative in designing gardens, parks, and outdoor spaces and fulfill all your dreams with the pay you get! As restate market returns are getting massive than ever, the demand for creative landscape architects like you is claimed to rise in the upcoming years. If you wish to achieve that $62000 pay per year job, you require holding a qualified degree, undergoing professional internships, apprenticeships and other work experience as well.

  1. Personal Fitness Trainer

Yet another great paying job for women these days is none other than becoming a personal fitness trainer. These days, with hectic schedules people are finding ways to relax themselves by joining gym, yoga classes and fitness programs. Fitness instructors are being paid in huge these days. The benefits of taking this career are low stress, wearing loose yoga pants all day, flexible schedules and even you workout at the same time with your students.

  1. Interior Designer

Last but not the least on high paying jobs for women is none other than becoming an interior designer. Today, more and more women are getting into this business. When it comes to investments, real estate, properties and lands are something people get into. After buying lands, the one thing land owners do is – build a new house or renovate what is existing. For this, they require carrying out right interior plans. This is when they hire interior designers.