Mums’ Tips for Smart Kids

Have you ever wondered how to motivate your child to study despite their age?  Nowadays,  there are tons of information and resources, which can help us as parents to make the learning process productive, easy and creative. In this article, we will share several ideas and tips that we hope will help you when the time comes.  Every kid has their own potential, skills, logical thinking and creative mind. Our main role as their parents is to stay consistent and supportive in the learning process. Read the article and share your tips in the comment section.

How To Make Learning Numbers Fun For Kids

Learning numbers should be always fun because when we put pressure – productivity will definitely decrease and the results won’t come easily.  You might have a question regarding the right time when kids should start learning numbers. That’s an individual aspect, so the right answer is in your hands (so to say).  The best way is to observe your child how adaptive he or she is, what kind of games the kid prefers and how fast he or she manages to solve the problem/ task. Below you will find more than five different games, also ways to start learning numbers with your kid.

Play With Number Toys

Playing with number toys is a common way to teach your kid how to count. However, keep in mind that depending on the age and stage of life of the little one there are different ways to start learning numbers. For instance, the first step should be the pronunciation of the numbers because the child will need first to hear how adults speak and pronounce them. Remember the kids I don’t like sponges and they absorb not what we say but what we do. However, we really need to have correct and clear pronunciation because this will help them to memorize by listening. For example, a child needs to know how you pronounce the words describing the objects around them. 

Playing with number toys is a classic way to begin. It is worth buying these kinds of toys because as soon as you start teaching your child, you will see how intelligent he or she will become.

Montessori Wood Block Puzzle Set

The Montessori woot block set is another alternative to use for learning your kid how to count. These kinds of toys really engage his/her attention for a specific period of time. But the most important part of this educational game is the practical function and the value it gives to the children.This toy is for older children and barrels at the intended age. There are numbers and rings to count so you can last a long time.

Another idea for educational toys is the Number Puzzle. Maybe it was just one of the most popular games we can’t find even in local stores but it is really effective if you have the patience to sit and learn together with your child. This is a puzzle that is great for young children. Under each number there are objects to count which give a visual illustration of how the number looks and then the parent pronounces it correctly. Remember that the correct diction and pronunciation affect the way children learn.

Bath letters and numbers

Bath letters and numbers are also a classic way to educate your child while having a bath. This is an interesting and funny way to hold the attention of the kid in the bathroom and simultaneously learn new things.While bathing is a great opportunity to play with numbers. Young children like to stick numbers on the walls of the bathroom.

Music Pad with Numbers

As a parent or a babysitter, you can also use a music pad with numbers, which is always effective regarding the learning process of the child. There are a variety of models and types of music pads you can choose from. That’s a creative way to study new things while listening and touching the pad.

Count Every Day

Counting aloud every day is a different skill because he knows the number. Children at the age of 2 start to get acquainted with numbers, but at any time they break down what each number means.They break down what a number means when it can count the amount of items given.You can count all that have been placed around the house. You can build a track and count how many are parked. You can count how many pencils or felt-tip pens you use to color a book. Divide the clothes and shoes into piles and count how many of each thing they have to choose.

Check For Understanding

Always check for understanding – it means that whatever you and your child learn To see what your young child has learned from you, make sure he understands you. An example of this is the video below, which you can see.

Make Learning Numbers Fun

Young children are waiting for you to diversify your learning games and you will make them learn. Here are some games you can choose from and entertain with your kid.

Pom Poms

Different types of pom games, including different materials, shapes, and depending on their functionalities you can find more than 20 kinds of poms. Select the best one for your kid’s preferences. 

Do-A-Dot Markers

Do-a-Dot markers and pencils are creative ways to hold on to your child’s attention. Kids can use different colours when they fulfil specific numbers. For example, the number two – 2,  can be associated with: blue, orange, green, yellow, purple on etc. A good idea is to teach your kid to use different covers for each number. This will help him/her to remember not only the visual form of the number but also – the colous.

When To Start Teaching Baby Numbers

When you are detected at 12 months, you can enter numbers by counting a few items. When the child is 2 years old, it can learn to count to 10 per finger, and this does not break the concept of counting. When the child is between 3 and 4 years old, he begins to look for a supplement to add objects and increase their number, as well as decrease. For example, when some come to visit the table there is another napkin with which they take four. For example, you can count the number of slices and how many will remain when we eat one.

Counting Games For Toddler

When it comes to teaching games with a toddler, you can really see a huge variety of games and creative ways to start the learning process. In the next sentences, we will present options that will help you achieve a good result and satisfy the desire of your child for creative and interesting games.

Magnetic Fishing Number Game

Have you seen this game in a friend’s house or at a birthday party? Young children will have fun singing, counting numbers showing loyal fish.

Five Little Ducks Activity

Make your own duck props and use them to show you your favorite finger song 5 little ducklings. The game is entertaining and can be used daily. However, try to change the games for better learning results.

Feed the Lion Counting Game

Make a lion out of paper and store it with small pieces of paper. The children have to count how many pieces the lion is pronounced.

Zoo Animal Race to the Top

Using dice to print, prepared children will place a flat marble or other object on the animal that has been woven to see which animal wins the most throws.

Number Books For Toddlers

There are many books that will help young children learn to count. We will show you  books with numbers from 1 to 10 that engage children in different ways. Of course, there are other books you can find in bookstores and places. Books for toddlers are a good idea for birthday presents because they are educating and entertaining.

Ten Little Ladyburg

A book decorated with inspiring designs and elements. Your toddler will be engaged playing with it and the best part is that he/she will learn new things: like animals, shapes and numbers.

Goodnight Numbers

Parents nowadays can find a vast diversity of educational materials for toddlers in stores. Selecting the best ones is vital for a child’s attention. Goodnight Numbers is a bestseller that will engage your toddler before sleeping.

Listen To Number Song

Youtube can be a great resource for learning songs about numbers

Kids have fun watching videos and this can help them recognize the numbers, but this should be moderate.

Ten in the Bed Nursery Rhyme

A  classic rhyme song you can play next to your toddler. Remember to notice whether she/he likes it and test other number songs to see which will fit the best.

Five Little Duck

Another song for your child is the Five Little Duck. Animals and music will always find their way to attract the toddler’s attention.

Five Little Monkey

We all know this classic song and even some of us can sing it perfectly. Play it and observe whether your toddler will like it or not.