Girls Wallpaper Ideas

Beautiful wallpapers are responsible for creating the mood of your phone. Finding one that will not bore you is a difficult task. We have selected several ideas you can check for inspiration. However, everyone has their own preferences and you need to customize the themes in order to be 100% it is relevant for your phone, style and mood.

Top 5 Trends For Girly Wallpaper

If you need some creative juices – you are on the right track. We will list at least 5 trending ideas for girly wallpaper and phone themes.

Vogue Magazine Wallpaper

Vogue styled wallpapers are perfect for classy girls with preferences to high fashion. We all know Vogue magazine and its popular, best selling covers with top models, actresses and designers around the world.

Cute Wallpapers For Girls

Here all cuteness is included: cartoons, anime heroes, animals, flowers and whatever else you can imagine.

Bear Wallpapers For Girls

Teddy Bear wallpapers are themed for girls due to their popularity among children. They are thematic and leave a beautiful memory for our childhood.

Pink Wallpapers For Girls

Girly pink wallpapers are classic and probably your girl will like the interior because she will feel the princess mood.

Popular Wallpaper For Little Girls Room

What do the girls want? This is the color, the warmth or some cute neighbors of the forest. Children’s rooms are often small and the walls may not be particularly interesting. That’s why wallpaper is a great investment – it can help to create a distinctive style and a more playful atmosphere, while still being practical. There are so many gorgeous wallpaper designs to choose from, that it can be hard to decide on just one!

Paradise Garden Twigs Wallpaper 

Cute Forest Animals Wallpaper

Forest animals combined with cute colors and shades are adorable for wallpapers.

Savanna Wallpaper

The Lion King always impresses me and makes me feel like I sometimes live in a jungle. Here are some ideas for savana wallpaper.

Vintage Garden

If you like flowers – that might be the perfect theme for you. There are so many vintage garden wallpapers, including the provided idea below. 

Magic Swans Wallpaper Girls

Harry Potter and all magic focused movies inspire girls and boys around the world to try to escape reality. Enter in the room and feel the magic.

Wallpaper For Teenage Girls Room

Wallpapers are a great way to transform your room without having to undergo a major change. You can change the look and feel of your room with just a few rolls of wallpapers. They’re incredibly easy to install and remove, too!Wallpapers are a great way to create a new look in your teen’s bedroom. Wallpapers come in so many different colors, patterns, and textures that you can find something that will give your teen’s room the perfect personalized touch. Wallpapers are also easy to install, which means you won’t need any help with this project.

Graffiti Street Wallpaper For Girls

When designing a teenager’s bedroom, it can be tempting to go for a girly, pink theme. However, the best way to design a bedroom is by incorporating a simple and clean design. To accomplish this, use contrasting colours such as purple and opt for a light-coloured flooring. To keep your daughter happy, provide plenty of storage solutions for her clothes

Abstract Accent Wall with Name

Abstract is in the trending wallpapers for 2021-2022. You can choose from different colors, designs and conceptions.

Flamingo Wallpaper for Girl

Another trendy wallpaper for a girl is the flamingo one. In 2017/18 there was a viral trend with pink flamingos in the pools, cocktail and beach bars and even in girls’ rooms. The flamingo was a must have accessoire. So, why not set it as a wallpaper?

Flower Wallpaper for Girl

Flower wallpapers will never stop being popular among the teen girls. They are so symbolic, beautiful and cute. The diversity of flower wallpapers is so big that you can change it daily and still have ideas to choose from.

Pink and Daisy Wallpaper

Another flower focused wallpaper – the pink and daisy one is a cute option for every girl room.

Funky Wallpaper For Girls

Sometimes we need a small change to make our mood better. Funky wallpapers are perfect for girls who are creative, different and with personal style. For example, every girl has her own interests, hobbies, favorite animals and designs. Here some ideas you can find inspiration from:

Unicorn Wallpaper 

A magical unicorn wallpaper is always pretty on the walls Try it!

Cat Wallpaper

Cats, dogs, pigs – whatever you love, you can put it as a wallpaper.

Funky Little Darlings

There is only one rule when you choose the most perfect wallpaper – listen to your heart.

Poppies Candy Wallpaper

Who loves poppies and candy wallpapers? Me. Definitely me. If you do so – pick the best design for you. 

Little Red Riding Hood Wallpaper

If you notice that your girl likes the Little Red – choose a theme for wallpaper that will perfectly match her interest.

Anime Wallpaper Hd For Girls

Anime wallpapers will always stay classy and thematic for both girls and boys. I still remember my favourite heroes, including Sakura from “Naruto” and Lady Tsunade. Talk with your girl and ask her to choose the top 3 anime characters she likes the most. You can combine the designs and create a room from a different reality.

Anime GIrl

Let your little girl become a fantastic anime hero when she enters her room. Organize the space and use creative decorations to make it look even cooler. Here are some ideas:

Demon Wallpaper 

Demon wallpaper? Do you accept this idea? If your child likes it – try to create the perfect room because every kid needs a space where they can feel most comfortable and cozy.

Animal HD Wallpaper

We all have grown up with stories and fantastic creatures – choose some and find animal HD wallpapers to make a unique room for your girl. Here is what we think will inspire you: