Who should I tell first?

Pregnancy is a very intimate event and the first person to know is you. Anytime that you plan to tell your husband, make sure that you wait to tell him. He will be able to figure it out on his own. If he doesn’t, however, you’ll need to think through which person you’ll tell first. Tell your husband, tell your parents, and tell your boss. Don’t tell him or her before you feel the baby move for the first time. Your partner will not be able to feel the baby move before you’ve already told him or her. On the other hand, if you keep it a secret for too long, and you start having symptoms, you’ll need to tell him or her. Many women don’t want to tell their spouse first because they feel like they should have told them first. But if you’ve been living together for a while then they probably already know. 

When Is the Best Time to Announce Your Pregnancy?

The question about when the best time to announce your pregnancy is a frequent topic of discussion among women. Do you tell them sooner or later? If you tell them later, then do you find a way to make them feel special when you say it. Consider this: Your pregnant partner will be excited but he or she may also feel trapped. You may be causing a lot of stress for your partner, especially if you are already stressing about other things in your life. On the other hand, telling them sooner could get him or her upset because of a lack of privacy and perhaps ruin the intimacy that you two once shared. Remember to take into consideration your partner’s feelings and offer him or her the choice as to when to know the news.

Clever Ways To Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

Showing them the pregnancy test you just took. This one will never go wrong, as long as your husband isn’t new to the baby game. At any given time, you should be able to bring this one out and say, “Honey, do you know what this means?” He should then follow with some sort of grunt/excited comment like, “yep, we’re pregnant!” Once he starts to get it, you say, “Wait, did you think we were getting it from the pregnancy test or the internet?” and then start laughing, assuming that he thought you were joking around.This will both tell him the right thing and make him super uncomfortable. 

Order Some Baby Booties 

When you tell your husband that you’re pregnant, you might end up having to rely on other means. The best way to tell your husband that you’re pregnant is to order some baby booties. Sure, these are quite a waste of money because you might not end up needing them (unless you’re ordering very expensive ones). This way, you can use it as a way to give your husband the news, without making the problem of telling him any worse. If your husband takes the news well, the next step would be to go out and buy some baby booties for yourself.

Put Big Siblings in a Telling Outfit

Throw a little Sibling Surprise into the mix. A couple of years ago a friend of mine bought a two-pack of shirts in various sizes and sent one to their husband’s best friend and his wife. After receiving the shirt, they called her and told her the pregnancy news. She hasn’t even put it on their front porch yet. She also sent an equally-sized shirt to her son’s teachers so they could see how big he was getting. 

Blow Up Some “Baby” Balloons

The simple, and low-risk, way to tell your husband that you are pregnant is to burst some of the balloons with the blue ribbon tied to them. All of your husband’s friends and colleagues will be impressed. If your husband doesn’t notice the blue ribbon attached to one of the balloons, he’s either lying or you’re good at reading facial expressions.

“Baby” Cookies

Starting early in pregnancy, ladies crave chocolate. If you want to see how he reacts to the news, place some truffles or cookies around the house. If he visits the kitchen, he is much more likely to come clean about the pregnancy when he finds a sweet treat.

Message In A Bottle

Something to consider is to get some writing material. Cut a small hole in an index card and write a sentence on the other side. “Just got a positive pregnancy test” or “I’m pregnant.” Stick that into an empty wine bottle. Then, you will have a physical reminder that your husband read the message.  Be sure to add a fake date in the cellophane wrapper. Make it easy for him to read when he is lying on the floor with a pounding headache.

Cute Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant!

The bottom line is that telling your partner about your pregnancy should be a private matter. Before you go telling the world about your pregnancy, ask your partner what he or she feels comfortable with. But if you’re the type who’s an open book when it comes to telling others, then go for it! How you tell your partner about your pregnancy is completely up to you. What matters is that you inform him or her in a completely confidential way. Here are a few ways: 

  • Hide The Pregnancy Test
  • Pregnancy Announcement Scavenger Hunt
  • Greeting Card
  • Custom Shirts
  • Dad Beer Stein
  • Ornament
  • Puzzle

Romantic strategies to inform your partner you are pregnant

Four romantic ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant:

  • Arrange a special dinner:

The dinner you have planned could be a special dinner for two, and a perfect time to share this exciting news. If you are happy, enjoy it. This is a special occasion and you want to enjoy the moment. If you’re not yet feeling happy, take the opportunity to tell your partner you’ve been thinking a lot about him and you’re happy about all the things he has done to make your life better and easier. Tell him you love him. It sounds so basic but it goes a long way to make your husband feel special.

  • Take him out on a date:

Pick a day in which you are feeling extra secure about your pregnancy. Take your husband out on a date and have fun. It’s a good way to spend time together and share the news. See if you can get him excited to celebrate your pregnancy. 

  • Unexpected push notification
  • Stick a short note in his suit pocket

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