The Perfect Pregnancy Announcement

Being strategic around social media is key to creating a successful announcement. Social media allows for an immediate response, so keep these tips in mind as you plan your announcement. The best way to plan your announcement is the same way you plan for any other milestone moments—with a timeline. Have a specific day or time set aside for sharing the news.

When Should You Announce Your Pregnancy To Your Family?

The sooner you tell your spouse or partner, the better the chances they’ll be able to be on board with your pregnancy. You might also want to let people who are close to you (such as your co-workers) know that you’re pregnant. You might even want to let others know that you’re pregnant before you announce it yourself.

More than half of parents-to-be told their family when they were 4-8 weeks pregnant. The average gap between the announcement and the birth was just over two weeks. As far as age, about 10% of parents-to-be told their family in their twenties, 16% in their thirties, and 4% of parents-to-be told.

How To Announce Your Pregnancy To Your Family?

Congratulations! You’ve tested positive!

Morning sickness has most likely become a daily occurrence and now it’s time to tell your family! No doubt you’re wondering how to share your special news with your nearest and dearest.We discovered that 68% of expecting parents announce their pregnancy to their family in person, one-by-one. 

90% of women did it over the phone, 8% at dinner and the remaining 5% announced via other methods – such as using photo gift tags on Christmas presents, gift boxes, customised Christmas crackers, and a surprise photo.

Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

A pregnancy announcement can be an exciting moment in a couple’s life! You can use this time to create an unforgettable moment that will show what your family is all about. There are so many ways you can share the news with family and friends – whether it’s through a simple text message, on Facebook, Instagram, or your company website.


This mug comes in three sizes so you can choose the best one for yourself. It can be personalised with any two lines of text across the front of the mug, so there are lots of different ways to show your friends or family your news. Buy it now to have something remarkable that you’ll treasure forever.


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Plate it up

Surprise your guests with this beautiful plate that includes the most important words in life. The plate is made of ceramic and comes with a non-stick silicone coating that’s perfect for the oven, microwave, or dishwasher. The plate is also decorated with colorful flowers, making it a wonderful gift idea for any occasion!

Wear your heart on your sleeve

The slogan is a great way to tell your friends and family that you’re expecting a baby with a smile. The product is available in six different colors, each with a unique design that changes color when you move or breathe. It also has a pocket for carrying the pregnancy test, so you’ll always have it on hand!

The Writing’s in The Sand

This is not the time of year to be making plans. But if you are looking for a way to celebrate the year’s end, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. If you are interested in hosting an end-of-year party, now is also the time to plan it.

Family Recipe

With a great deal of experience and a lot of dedication, the cook will be able to create an excellent meal that has never been seen before. This type of meal is perfect for a chef or a dedicated home cook.

Creative Cupcakes

A note from the boss saying they’re pregnant is a way to have a conversation about their health and work. It’s also an effective way to gain respect at work and in the office. Think of how your coworkers will react when they find out your expecting a baby, they’ll be so excited for you!

Eating For Two

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Sock it To ’em

At the end of the day, our socks are one of the most personal items in our wardrobe. These heart-meltingly adorable socks say it all when it comes to how much we care about each other. The best part is that they’re a personal touch that’s also a practical staple for your outfit.

Chalk it Up

Here’s a fun way to reveal the gender of your child. Print out a text-based image on cute paper, write the sex of your baby in the center, then cut it out to reveal what you are having!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways that you can surprise your partner with the news of a pregnancy. Surprise them by getting a cake or balloons delivered to their workplace, presenting them with a handmade sign at their place of work, or making an appearance at their favorite restaurant.

Coffee is the perfect partner for the day, morning or night. It’s a great way to unwind during your daily routine. A mug of coffee also provides the perfect opportunity to surprise your partner with a personalised message that will make their day.

Pregnancy tests are one of the most popular gifts to give, so it’s no surprise that people are giving them this time of year. This is your opportunity to make your partner feel special. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or just want to dress up for a night out, this is the perfect gift. It’ll be fun for you too!

The most obvious place to hide a pregnancy test is in plain sight. You can place it in your partner’s wallet, on the edge of the bed, inside his shoes, or on the shower curtain. The key is to place it somewhere he’ll be sure to find it.

Record your partner’s reaction on a photo or video. Leave a laptop open with the lid open and the camera recording when you break the news, or simply record the moment on your phone. Alternatively, present your partner with a photo booth strip of images while multiple pictures are automatically taken. You’ll treasure the strip of images forever, and they’ll cherish them as well!

Baby Items

Baby items often have a strong smell. This will help your partner pinpoint what section of baby items you’re trying to identify. If the smell is particularly strong, then your partner may be able to guess what it is that you’re touching or tasting.

Games & Fun

You can also work your pregnancy announcement into one of the games. Good options are charades, celebrity heads (where instead of being a celebrity, your partner is ‘pregnant’) or spelling out your message with the tiles on a word-based board game. Pregnancy announcements are the perfect time to play games, so you should consider any possible option.

The best thing about having a professional photo shoot is that you get a beautiful image to share with family and friends. You also get the chance to document your pregnancy or reveal your relationship milestones by having a professional photographer take photos of you both.

The surprise element will keep your memories from being mundane. It’s a great way to capture the emotions you share with your spouse.

Twins Pregnancy Announcement

Twin babies are a blessing and a burden for parents. It is difficult to handle the added responsibility of raising two children at once. But, there are ways to manage this new reality. You have to have patience, understanding, and dedication to see both of your children grow up into amazing people.

I have a fair share of twins in my life—My childhood best friends are identical twins, one of my best friends had identical twin boys, and we have a twin boy/girl nephew and niece on my husband’s side of the family. There must be something inherently special about twins because they are so much more than just two people who happen to share the same.

Twinning is a wonderful blessing, but it can also be a challenge. There are certain things you should know about the twins before you start planning for their arrival. Twins can take up a lot of space and require a lot of time, energy, and resources. This will be the ultimate test to see if your relationship is strong enough to handle two babies!

The best part about having twins is that you can share your love with two new siblings. What you love doing becomes twice as fun when you know there are two to enjoy it with. Be sure to be kind and gentle with your new babies – they may not look like you but they’ll be spending a lot of time napping together.

You can’t prepare for this moment. You can’t make it easier on yourself. You won’t know how you’ll handle the news until it happens. It’s overwhelming and wonderful, but again, it’s just one of those moments that comes along and changes your life forever.

These baby bodysuits are a great way to announce your twin pregnancy. The bright colors and playful designs will be so much fun for your growing family. The soft material is perfect for a baby, and the seamstresses have done a fantastic job with the design and stitching! These will be cute to put your babies in once they arrive.

Pregnancy Announcement Balloons

Pregnancy announcement photos are a great way to announce your pregnancy to the world. If you’re not sure what to do or how to decorate, try incorporating balloons in your photo. Balloons add a pop of color and excitement to your photo and give it a more personal touch.

Letter balloons are the best way to share the news of your pregnancy with your friends and family. It is a fun, easy way to give them all a piece of the action! Creating an atmosphere of excitement and celebration is what leaves no room for misinterpretation!

The decision to announce your pregnancy is personal. However, there are some people who choose to wait until they are in the second trimester to reveal what they’re expecting. This can be an emotional and tough decision and people often already know what the gender of their child will be before getting pregnant. 

The first baby is always the most exciting. However, after the first child, the second and third baby can be thrilling for siblings. Let their joy show by using them in your pregnancy announcement. Consider using giant number balloons, spelling out “big sister/brother”, or letting your other children hold a bundle of balloons with a cute sign!