Looks like you have given birth to your little one. Sounds great but hold on, you are worried that you are overweight? Hmm… That’s normal during and after pregnancies but you can get into the shape you want to. Learn how to lose weight after having a baby through some vital tips listed over here.

How To Lose Weight After Baby?

  1. Focus More On Natural Foods

Losing weight after baby is important. For this, I recommend you eating nutritious and natural foods. When you are a mom, your body requires maximum nutrition, particularly if you are nursing. Prefer foods, which are rich in nutrients & lighter in fat as well as calories. Eat green leafy vegetables, fruits and fish. Fish is filled with DHA, which is a vital omega-3 fatty acid helping your new baby to develop healthy brain & nervous system. Other DHA sources include salmons, sardines, tuna etc. If you are a vegetarian, consume milk & yogurt because they are rich in calcium.

  1. Eat Often

When it comes to the question how to lose weight after having a baby, eating often is something you need to focus upon. Eat often but in smaller proportions. This way, your total calorie intake begins to reduce. You feel hungry much less and you crave for foods very less. It is great to combine carbohydrates and protein in small meals but in right proportions. This in turn makes the energy to last longer.

  1. Hydrate

Drinking water in good amounts is something that health experts recommend when it comes to the question how to lose weight after having a baby. Why? It keeps you full and eliminates all the unwanted toxins from the body. It makes sure you aren’t dehydrated. It fills the stomach and prevents you from hogging more food. Hence, when you do not eat much, obviously you will not out on weight. Moreover, it speeds up metabolism too.

  1. Move

Diet is vital but it is only a part of post-pregnancy fat loss plan. One also needs to include strength training and aerobic exercises after the pregnancy for burning calories. Moreover, it helps in keeping your muscles & bones strong. Exercises help eliminating depression, insomnia (lack of sleep), stress, pressure and so on. Now, this doesn’t mean, you have to enter into a gym to learn those exercises. Begin with what you know, say for example – swimming, a brisk walk, cycling, jogging and so on. You can just Google some best workouts for losing weight after baby. The strategy over here is to move. The more you move, more you sweat and when you sweat, naturally you will be losing weight.

  1. Have A Good Night Sleep

It might seem little hard to find a complete 8 hours uninterrupted sleep while having a baby. Obviously, he baby will wake you up with its cries or there maybe something associated that keeps you awakened. But lack of sleep could be harder to shed your baby weight. During a recent research, new mothers who slept 5-hours or even less every night were likely to gain additional pregnancy weight when compared to women who had a perfect sleep for 7-hours. When you are exhausted, the body releases a hormone called cortisol & even some stress hormones, which promotes weight gain. So sleep well.