Your baby is a walking and crawling machine. He’s learning how to walk in the world, and he’ll need shoes that are designed to support his healthy development. By design, they will not only protect his feet, but they will also help him learn how to walk and move in different environments. There are many different types of shoes for babies, but what type should you choose? Some babies start to walk earlier, sometimes even before the age of 1. This is perfect!  If that’s the case, it’s not such a bad idea to try your luck with a baby shoe as well. Baby shoes are designed for infants who do not want to walk yet but can. They are also ideal for little children who are still too young to be able to wear shoes comfortably and securely on their feet. In this post, we will answer this question with several examples.

The Best First Walking Shoes

What Are The Best First Walking Shoes For A Baby?

There is a wide variety of baby shoes on the market, including styles that would suit all occasions and tastes. These shoes are all quite similar and fall in the same category, but the key characteristics are different. They’re not a bad investment, since the growth of your baby’s feet depends a lot on the shoes you buy for them. And while it might seem to be premature to start shopping for shoes for your little one, it’s always smart to start early and avoid the need to go back and start shopping for the right shoes later on.

When should I get shoes for my baby?

If your baby is more than 1 year old, it’s time to get him shoes as he will start to walk and move around on his feet. Your baby is a walking, crawling machine and he needs shoes that will provide him with the necessary protection, fit, and comfort for him to build his strong and independent personality. If you’re already at the shop and you have seen that shoes are too big, or the kind you want is too expensive, we recommend you to get a second pair. If your baby is starting to walk, the first pair will turn out to be too big and the second one is too expensive. This should be a brief process. In other words, you can find baby shoes almost everywhere. Some shops even provide different sizes for children of different ages and with different heights.

How to choose the best baby walking shoes?

There is a lot to consider. Are you searching for soft shoes, safety, or fashion? Are you looking for shoes with extra grip to prevent accidents and falls? How about those classic cowboys and fairies with squeaky soles? At first glance, many things may seem similar. But in practice, many things vary from one baby shoe company to another. The  most important feature that defines a “best” baby shoe is:

  • Soles: The easiest thing to check first is the soles. What do they look like? How do they feel? An important element is a high-quality shoe with a clean and comfortable sole that’s good for bare feet. This allows the shoes to offer proper traction.
The biggest takeaway, think about being super bendy, protective and durable.

2 Tips For Buying First Walking Shoes 

Baby walking shoes are designed to be very soft and flexible. So, they need to be comfortable to wear, not restrict your child’s movement, and not take up a lot of space. The last one is especially important. When choosing a walking shoe, you have to think about what kind of places the baby will go: parks, sidewalks, museums, shopping malls, and similar places. In some situations, shoes need to be super soft and flexible, and in others, they need to be rather sturdy and rigid. In any case, choose shoes according to the context, your child’s physical condition, and the amount of walking he or she is planning to do.

  • Pick the right type of walking shoes.
  • Read the reviews of baby shoes.

Don’t Buy Shoes The Minute They Start Walking

There are some general rules to follow when choosing a shoe. The number of shoes you should buy for your baby depends on his age. At three months, babies can wear shoes while wearing clothes, but they need to be very small so that they can’t feel them on their feet. It’s usually between size 0 to 2 in terms of weight and size. For larger babies, it’s wise to buy shoes as soon as they start walking (between 4 and 6 months). There is no need to buy too many shoes at this age.  Your baby’s foot size and style will depend on how he walks in the real world. The size of the shoe can also be modified according to your preferences.

Watch For Signs That Your Baby Is Ready

As your baby’s feet start to grow, you can tell he is getting closer to learning to walk. That’s when you will notice more wobbliness in his gait. Sometimes, this is more obvious, especially if your baby is moving about on the floor. At other times, a baby’s feet can be pretty steady and he may not show any signs of being close to walking. But you have to pay attention to these subtle clues. If your baby is crawling and isn’t quite ready to walk, it can be hard to find shoes that will help him learn. Even if you get those first adorable shoes, you won’t see that they will be supportive. By the time the first shoes get uncomfortable, your baby will probably be walking.

Choose The Right Type

Let’s say your baby is walking but not yet walking around in the world. He is still learning about how to hold his balance. This means that he will not be able to maintain his balance properly. This is when you should consider trying a baby shoe. A baby shoe is made of a soft fabric. It wraps around the foot and folds, just like a typical shoe, but it also has an adjustable strap to keep it in place. The fabric provides additional protection to the baby’s toes, knees, and ankles. Your child may look cute in a lace-up boot, but that’s not really what they need. They are way too young to pull themselves up to standing. The child should learn how to walk in shoes. The shoe keeps his feet stable and secure, and the lace on the front of the shoe will help him learn how to lace it.

Choosing The Right Fit

Sometimes, babies start to walk when they are just 4 months old. In those cases, it is a perfect time to start wearing shoes, because they will stay on their feet for quite a while, and they can even try to walk for a little while in them. When it comes to choosing the perfect baby shoes, the most important thing is to select the right size. All babies’ feet vary quite a lot in size, so it is essential to go for shoes that will fit your baby perfectly. In addition to the size of the baby’s foot, you need to consider the age of the child. For instance, if he is 6 months old, there is no need to buy a shoe that is only 1 inch and a half in size, just so that you can save some money. On the other hand, if he is not walking yet, you should not invest in a shoe that will be too large for him.

Choosing The Right Materials

All babies start with soft-soled shoes. These shoes will naturally fall apart in a few months. As soon as your baby starts walking, he will learn how to walk with hard-soled shoes. These shoes are designed to stay on your baby’s feet even through the hardest of physical tasks. After a while, baby shoes can be replaced by real shoes as the little ones mature. To keep them nice, however, you should remove the molded part of the soles. This can be easily done with a car key or anything else small enough. You can then reuse the plastic for your child’s sandals or little boots. Another option is to make your shoes from paper mache or foam. It’s not expensive either, especially if you can use what you have on hand.

Choosing The Type Of Fastener

In contrast to other shoes, you cannot select the type of fastener for baby shoes. You need to choose it first. Since they don’t exist, you’ll need to find the best one for your baby. In most cases, you can choose between plastic straps and velcro-like straps. You can use a few straps from different brands as long as you find them to be the right size. These are the most popular types of shoes you can buy, and the cheapest as well. These are for babies who can walk and want to be fashionable, too. As we’ve said to be able to ensure the fit, you can use both plastic and velcro straps. Plastic straps are often much longer. This gives you the option to adjust the shoe to fit your baby’s feet.

Best First Walking Shoes Baby

If your baby is not yet able to walk, then baby shoes are not recommended. They learn the art of walking by falling or tripping over something. We say that their feet are always in motion. So they shouldn’t try to walk before they’re quite ready. In most cases, they need to learn to move their feet and take in the sensation of their weight supported. They must also develop a good sense of balance. So you can go for a shoe with a soft sole, instead of a hard sole. As for the type, soft soles are preferable. This is because soft soles allow babies to learn to walk without even thinking about it. Here are the best types of baby shoes:

Baby Deer stitchout Mary Jane

L’Amour Shoes joy classic leather

Angel Shoes baby Austin leather saddle oxford shoe

Austin Leather Saddle Oxford Shoe (Baby)

Josmo Kids essential walker

Nike flex advance flyease sneaker

Zutano light gold leather fringe moccasins

Stride Rite soft motion jazzy sneaker

Nike air force 1 sneakers

Carter’s every step boots

FootMates Todd 3

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