Divorce is certainly a very painful situation to go through. It becomes harder when you have kids. I understand it is not easy to break up with your partner that way and lead a life alone. I advise you never to bring in such situations in the first place. I will tell you how does divorce affect children. I hope this changes your decision if you have made to separate from your spouse. Read on.

5 Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

  1. Your Kids May Begin To Smoke In Their Early Lives

During a recent study at Toronto University, few researchers found that daughters and sons of divorced parents significantly started smoking earlier than the ones, whose parents were happily married. And you know that this is a very harmful habit people get into. Once you begin smoking, it is extremely hard for you to get out it. Addiction towards such things are always bad.

  1. Poor Mathematical & Social Skills

Yes, if you are taking a step to get divorced then think again because this is a negative effect your children may acquire later. And there is no point in regretting later. According to a 2011 research at Wisconsin-Madison University, researchers found that kids of separated parents frequently fall behind when compared to their classmates. This is usually in mathematical & social skills. On the other hand, the effect of divorce on children also includes anxiety, low self-confidence and stress.

  1. Being Sick Often

When it comes to the question how does divorce affect children, this is something I want you to make a note of this little information. In the year 1990, a researcher named Jane Mauldon from California University, Berkeley noted that kids of divorced parents run 35% more risk in developing multiple health problems than the kids (which was only 26%) whose parents were happily married. The susceptibility to sickness is claimed to be of “significant stress”.

  1. Greater Risks Of Getting A Stroke

This might shock you but it is 100% true. If you are still wondering, how divorce affects children then this is something you need to read. During the year 2010, a study at Toronto University by a group of researchers found that there is a strong connection between divorce & early adult stroke. On the other hand, greater part of adults, who had their parents divorced didn’t have strokes. Researcher Thompson says that “Let us make sure that we do not have mass panics.” “We do not know that divorce causes strokes but we noticed that such an association exists.” This relationship can be because of excess stress.

  1. Greater Chances Of Suicides & Committing Crimes

The final important point on how does divorce affect children is this. Since they are extremely stressed out, it literally means that they are unhappy. Out of depression, kids may not want to live anymore. The inner thoughts are enough for them to kill themselves. This is one part whereas there are some kids, who end doing crimes. They may end up doing a murder.