A Guide for First Birthday: From the Cake to The Decoration

You can’t let your baby’s birthday go by without celebrating. This is the first year of your baby’s life, so it deserves a party that everyone will remember. Don’t forget to have a photographer on hand to capture all the memories!

First Birthday Cake

This article will be your ultimate guide to choose the best birthday cake ever. Plus, we are 100% sure that every birthday will be memorable and special if you have enough creativity and time to prepare a really stunning cake, including the decorations and other elements.

Unicorns Birthday Cake

Your little girl will take part in a magical party with lovely creatures that will leave her speechless. Imagine the whole atmosphere of the first birthday with tons of baby colours, clouds and unique decorations. The cake must be one at a time. Choosing a unicorn birthday cake will be thematic and recognizable. 

Woodland Cake

Woodland cakes have become popular recently because they are practical for both girls and boys. The theme is pretty and creative, adding some extra forest aspects in the party. Here are ideas for woodland cakes.

Bear Cake

Kids and babies adore bears. We could say that’s a baby classic story. Trying to create a new vision by changing some elements and colors will leave your guests surprised and they will remember the event forever.

Fawn Cake

Cute animals, warm and baby colors are a great source of inspiration for the first birthday of your beloved child. See these ideas on Pinterest and make it more personal by choosing elements that you have already noticed your baby adores. 

Mickey Mouse Cake

Another tematic and even the most classic birthday cake idea. Some parents love this theme and select the cake according to their preferences. We all love Mickey Mouse and his friends. Add some extra creative juices to your baby’s party and this cake will be the perfect option.

Minnie Mouse Cake

If you have a baby girl – Mickey Mouse will not fit your party. That’s why we have his best friend Minnie Mouse. She is extremely cute and charming with her pink outfit. You can put a princess dress on your baby and choose a cake that will represent her in the perfect way.

Baby First Birthday Themes

Your young child is 1 year old. The baby’s first birthday is important for both the child and you. You need to plan your babies’ birthdays. Here you will see the 10 most popular topics for the first birthday.

Safari First Birthday Party

The safari party is also suitable for boys and girls. This is a perfect theme for your babies’ first birthday. There are many ideas inspired by animals, balloons, decorations and cakes.

The Sea First Birthday Party

The sea party for the first birthday is popular lately, the song “Baby shark” can be set. With all sea animals, including dolphins, whales, starfish, seahorses and more is a great theme for a first birthday. The colors are white and blue.

Woodland First Birthday Party

A wooden party is also neutral and ideal for autumn babies. There are many good ideas with forest elements for the first birthday, including forest animals such as foxes, squirrels, bears in natural color palettes.

Space First Birthday Party

The space theme party is very fashionable for boys lately. The color scheme is in black, silver and white and a really great modern, chic birthday party. The elements in this topic are rockets, planets, stars and astronauts.

Princess First Birthday Party

Your little boy may not understand the ideas of princesses, but the elements of crowns, castles, tiaras in light pink and gold are impossible not to come out.

Unicorn First Birthday Party

Unicorns and the rainbow create a dreamy mood that will make exciting parties for your little girl’s first birthday. The colors are pastel with shiny gold foil and iridescent glitter.

Dinosaur First Birthday Party

A birthday theme with dinosaurs is modern and great for a one-year-old. The decoration includes dinosaurs in bright and cheerful designs.

First Birthday Cards

Birthday wishes and cards are classic elements of every party. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about a first baby birthday or an event of an adult, we need to create a unique wish and write it down in a beautiful card. It makes the present more personal because you have spent some time and effort to write festive thoughts that come from your heart. We will share with you first birthday cards ideas you can be inspired from. Take a look and choose the best for this event. Here we will show you some sample cards for your toddler’s first birthday:

First Birthday Cards For Boy

When it comes to choosing a card for a toddler or baby boy –  they are classical covers and shades you can select and choose from. For example, you can stick up to the idea of creating a card that is red, blue, green, even yellow. Also, regarding the card decoration there is a huge variety, so you should be certain that you find the best birthday card for a boy toddler. Here are some ideas:

First Birthday Cards For Girl

For a first birthday for a girl you can really lose your mind in any store because baby girls need more sparkle and pink. It is never enough. So, it will be an easy task to find the best birthday card for this special occasion. Here are some ideas for creative inspiration:

First Birthday Gifts

Learning tower 

Your child is 1 year old and has a habit of seeing what he is doing in the kitchen and may even start helping. The height can be adjusted and they can be given real tools such as cups, stirrers and spoons.

Push toys 

Once they understand how to send one-day children, they love to walk. Practicing with a stroller can even make them walk alone. Adding a favorite toy or baby doll can add stability.

Riding toys

Riding toys are great for developing movement in your one-year-old. It can be used year-round for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Organic Cotton Play Tunnel 

Your one-year-old will love to fill through this colorful tunnel. In this way he will develop the motor skills that support walking. As they explore inside, you can glue faces at both ends to play peek-a-boo.

Pikler triangle

Pickler’s triangle suggests the search for the child to learn to walk, run and climb. You can add accessories by making them your first page.

First Birthday Dress and Outfit

Every element from the birthday theme, cake and outfit has its value to the whole event. Picking the best themaic dress/ outfit will make a good impression and leave a memorable emotion to the guests who pay attention to little details. Also, the photo album will look cute, organized and matchy if the parents choose a thematic outfit and dress for their baby. See some ideas to take in mind for creative juices. 

Royal Prince First Birthday Outfit Boy

A classic story with a royal prince welcoming the people to celebrate his special occasion. He will look like a little prince for his first birthday.

Best Themed Outfit for Smash Party Boy

That’s a trendy one!A smash party boy is cute and everyone wants to kiss and hug him due to his cuteness and charming look.

Animal Theme Birthday Dress 

Imagine your little girl in a thematic animal birthday dress like she is the queen of the jungle with her best friends. You can choose so many colors from: yellow, green, orange, brown, blue etc. Create a memorable jungle party!

Boys Formal Wear for Birthday Party

Gentleman from the age of 1. So classic look that every little boy will fit in it. Go beautiful and stylish with formal wear for the first birthday. Put on pants, a shirt and coats that will make your style classic, stunning and luxurious.

Mickey Mouse Costume for Baby Boy

Your little one will look cute like Mickey Mouse, dressed in shit like Mickey Mouse. There are a lot of outfits that can be perfectly combined and selected according to the theme of the birthday. You need just to imagine the whole concept of the party.

Fancy Dress First Birthday Girl

Perfect for your little girl’s birthday is a white dress with lace that gives an elegant look. It is never too soon to be a lady with a tiara and a charming, stunning look like a little princess who is ready to discover all adventures in the world.

Shabby Chic Dress First Birthday Girl

In this chic dress your angel will steal the show. The dress is perfect for your initial birthday. Simple ideas without so much pearls and gold cloth are perfect for personalization. In other words, you can create a unique shabby first birthday dress for your baby girl by adding some creative elements by yourself.

Pink Lace Dress First Birthday Girl

Your little girl will look very cute dressed in this charming dress. This lovely pink dress added to the sandals will be fabulous for your first birthday.

Unicorn Set First Birthday Girl

The homogeneous matching set opens with the white lace forest and part of the game ends with a headband endangered for your toddler’s birthday. In combination with pink shoes will be like a little princess.

First Birthday Photo Banner

You can see the pictures on the banner for your babies’ first birthday. Download photos from 1 to 11 months to show how much it changes. Here are some banner ideas from photos of your babies’ past 12 months. Keep in mind that you can always be “extra” creative.

First Birthday Photo Album

A photo album is a way to remember and spend time together. He presents your memories. We have already selected some ideas for you but you can do it yourself if you feel confident enough to make a unique first birthday photo album.