Share The Warmth With A Blanket

Blankets are used to keep us warm and comfortable. They are an important part of our lives, but they can be hard to store and organize. Follow these tips to the best way to store and organize blankets and you will see how much space you will have in your home. There are many storage and organizational options for blankets, and you need to find the best storage for your needs and the size and number of your blankets. Consider your budget, the amount of space in your home, and what you want to accomplish by storing your blankets.

Where To Store Blankets?

It is important to make it easy for you to get at your blankets when you need them. If the blankets are not easily accessible, then you might need to do some rearranging. You may need to move some furniture or even make a blanket drawer. It is all up to you and how often you need them. Keeping your blankets in a safe and organized way is a good idea. It helps to keep them clean and dry, which will increase their longevity. You can store them in a labeled box, hang them from the ceiling, or store them under your bed.

Here’s a plan for a better storage and organization:

1. Use a drawer in your bedroom or closet for blankets. 

2. Store your blankets in a cedar chest. 

3. Hang them from a wall in your room. 

4. Fold them and put them in a basket on the floor near the bed for easy access during the night. 

5. Put your blankets on shelves.

If you want to store your blankets and quilts in a safe and highly visible area, consider sewing a drawer liner for the inside of your blanket box. This will protect the fabric from getting damaged and will make it easy for you to find and access.

We will suggest some ideas where to store the quilts and blankets, because sometimes we just forget the little and practical things in front of our eyes:

1.Under the bed (I highly recommend putting them in a storage bag to keep bugs or dust off of them)

2.At the top of a closet

3.In a spare bedroom closet

4.At the bottom of your linen closet (put it in a storage bag if you’re going to put it on the floor)

5.Use an over-the-door towel rack

Blanket Organizer Ideas

The solution to your organizational mess is actually easy. You can use a blanket organizer to keep things organized in one place. These organizers are often highly decorative, which makes them ideal for many spaces in your home. Plus, they’re quite affordable, which means you can buy one for every room in your home!

Blankets are a great way to keep cozy and warm (and bedbugs away), but organizing them can be a challenge. Here’s a list of 9 genius blanket storage ideas to corral those cozy comforters for good (and access them easily).

Over The Door

I was looking for a way to store my blankets where I didn’t have to use floor space. This over the door blanket ladder of sorts is originally meant for towels on the back of a bathroom door, but it works fantastic for blankets as well! The best part? It’s super easy to install and maintain.

The underside of the blanket is soft and cozy, so it will feel like you are at home. The two different-colored layers are sewn together to form a zig-zag pattern, which makes it easy to fold. It is also machine washable for easy care.

In A Large Basket

Some people think folding a blanket will make it fluffier and warmer. However, depending on how much time you have, your life can seem a little easier this way. There are other ways to make blankets more comfortable and cozy without all the hassle!

This is a great way to store and organize blankets. With this method, you can easily access the blankets from the couch. They also make for a great place to curl up on the couch with a movie or a good Netflix show. In addition, you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or lost.

Being a mom is hard. It can be stressful to juggle everything on your plate. But, you can at least enjoy some peace of mind knowing that your kids are having fun while learning how to clean up after themselves.

Blanket Ladder

There are some blankets that are maybe more delicate or just for looks rather than daily Netflix use. I tend to put these types of blankets on my blanket ladder. It’s a perfect way to store and organize blankets and put them on display. This ladder is a decorative piece and not just for utility. It is a great way to showcase quilts if you are a quilter or if you have family heirloom quilts. This ladder can also be used as a stand alone piece of decor for any room.

Practically any decorative item can be a valuable addition to a home’s decor, including blankets. Adding a layer of warmth and comfort to a space with these items is an easy way to add color and texture to your home without the need for expensive furniture.I recently received my amazing blanket ladder from Deb with Beaver Wood Crafts on Etsy.

I was really impressed by her customer service, which is something that is important to me. I am also very happy with my purchase because of her excellent quality. She has different finishes as well as different sizes.

Under The Bed

The best part of our blankets is that they are all handmade and unique, and we get to pass them on to the family members who need them. Our quilts make great gifts for friends and family who need a little extra love in their lives.

I needed a place to store my blankets that would be both accessible and visually appealing. I turned to linen closet storage units. These units are easily accessible and can be stored in closets or hallways. I was able to keep my blankets safe, yet easily accessible for my family. However, the most practical way to store and organize my blankets is under the bed because they perfectly fit in and it is pretty easily for me and my family to get them whenever we want to.

Closet Storage Bins

Sure, it’s a small item, but the quality is great and they still look like new. The bins can hold up to 30 pounds of items and come in a variety of colors. Even though they’re inexpensive, they’re perfect for a wide range of uses.

The clean and modern bedroom is easier to maintain and makes a difference in your day to day life. Every woman does really need a closet storage bin in her home because it is simple, easy and organized. You get a sense of peace from the neatness it creates. 

Blanket Bag

This bag is one of the best I’ve found so far. It’s durable, easy to use, and compact. So, if you’re looking for a way to organize your blankets and keep them dust-free, I recommend giving this blanket bag a try.

This bag is great quality with sturdy handles for carrying. The durable construction also makes it a great solution for storing blankets in closets or kitchens. The bag is a great solution for keeping big bulky blankets or large comforters organized and for keeping things clean and dry.

Velvet Hanger Throw Closet

You’ll love how easy it is to store and display your blankets on this velvet hanger. It’s also perfect for keeping throw pillows well-aired, wrinkle-free, and clean. This quick and simple solution is a must-try for anyone with more than one throw blanket or pillow that needs to be stored or displayed.

Update your linen closet to feature a strong tension rod like this, then invest in some velvet hangers to keep your blankets on. This flat-pack tension rod is easy to take out and easy to put back in its place. That’s what makes for good storage.

Comfortable Blanket Chest

A blanket chest like this one will make your home more inviting and comfortable. The book-matched walnut veneer is handsome and durable, while the four drawers give you the flexibility to store your blankets without having them take up too much space. There’s plenty of storage for all your blankets, no matter the size!

You can also use a standard chest and some velvet by the yard to create your version. If you’re looking for a more seamless look with less effort, reach for an upholstery stapler, some batting, and set aside a day for the project.

Coffee Table

The right coffee table can be an excellent storage unit for blankets, magazines, or any other items you wish to store. Wicker baskets are the ideal thing for the job, and they add to the look.

If you’re in the market for something new, consider updating your coffee table with an industrial-style piece. Industrial coffee tables are durable, come in a variety of sizes, and are easy to find. There are also some stylish models available at affordable prices. It is important to note that these will not work with traditional coffee cups, but they offer plenty of space.

Maximize Space By Folding

The best way to fold fitted sheets and blankets is to create an envelope. This can be done by folding the fitted sheet in thirds like a letter. Next, fold the top third of the fitted sheet over the middle third of the sheet. Finally, fold the bottom third of the fitted sheet over top of this middle section.

Some comforters are bulky and hard to keep folded. Others shouldn’t be compressed or stacked. One solution to this issue is to roll the bedding into a ball and tie it into place using a ribbon. This option is ideal because the blankets are more accessible and won’t be crushed by the weight of other blankets.Rolling down comforters loosely in this fashion and storing them vertically will prevent compression. You don’t want to compress down comforters with goose down or feathers. The excess weight can damage the feathers and create bunches inside the comforter.

Storage tips for bedding:

  • Use vacuum bags. These work well for synthetic, wool or cotton down comforters. If you have a feather down comforter, make sure you leave some air inside the vacuum bag.
  • Store by weight. If you fold blankets and put them on a shelf, keep the heavier blankets on the bottom.
  • Store sheets inside pillowcases.This is a great way to keep your sheets and pillowcases together and organized. It will also help you find the sheet set you need quickly and easily, which saves time in the morning.

I hope you have found some useful tips and tricks to store and organize your sheets, blankets and quilts. You can always improve the way you make space in your home because every family has its specific needs and habits. Keep the process updated and give a try to the provided tips above. There are a lot of blanket organizers in different stores. Take a look at them and decide where you can use it effectively. I, myself, use a blanket organizer in my closet. However, I also use the space under my bed to store quilts and blankets. Try it yourself and see what will work for you!