Birthday Wishes For The Little Ones

Do you have a special occasion you need to create a birthday wish for? This article will help you combine the best words and create the perfect and memorable birthday wish. Sometimes we all need inspiration because we face some difficulties matching words and phrases due to our daily basis, hectic work day and even family issues. However, it is always helpful to search on the Internet for ideas and customize them to fit your occasion perfectly. That’s why we do our best to make a valuable article by sharing birthday wishes for boys and girls. Keep reading and remember to add extra emotion to the final result. 

Birthday Wishes For a Little Boy

Do you find it difficult to end up with the best birthday wish for a little boy? This could happen in several cases when you do not know the child in person or haven’t met him recently. Also, age has a huge impact on the way we talk to little kids. That’s why we should think carefully about what we will say. It is an effective tip to say a few words to the little one and write down a card with wishes and personal signature at the end. Some mums collect this type of memories, and when the little boy grows up, he will be able to take a look at the wishes people had written for his birthday at specific ages.

Here are some sample birthday wishes for a little boy:

“Wishing you a birthday filled with sugar candies and marshmallows. A very happy birthday to the sweetest little boy I know.”

“On this day a little prince was born. And that handsome prince is you. Happy birthday, dearie!”

“Little champ, we love to see you win. On your birthday, I wish you stay blessed always. Happy birthday!”

“Wishing you all the glory and prosperity in life for your birthday. Happy birthday, my little boy.”

“I hear it’s your birthday today, and I think a cool boy like you deserves to get all the things you’re wishing for. So, best wishes on this special day.”

“You’re a cute little boy, I must say, and I’m wishing you a Happy B’Day.”

“Love my boy with all my heart. I hope all your birthday wishes come true and make you giggle with joy.”

“Smart boys want toys, charming boys like toys, adorable boys love toys. Happy birthday to a boy who’s all of the above.”

Birthday Wishes For a Little Girl

You know when it comes to birthday wishes for little girls, the right words come easy. I think it is due to the fact that we always associate girls with nice, cute and girly stuff, and we as women can easily end up with a beautiful and well sounding wish. However, it could be sometimes difficult to create unique wishes, especially if you have already said the most creative ones.

Here you can check sample birthday wishes for a little girl:

“Happy birthday to the most adorable little girl. Have lots of fun on your special day.”

“Dear little princess, may you have a fun-filled birthday. Happy birthday to our darling angel.”

“Wish for happiness and sunshine on your birthday. Hope the sad rain clouds never come your way. Happy birthday to a precious little girl.”

“Wishing your little girl a wonderful birthday and a blessed year.”

“I hope you get everything a little girl could ever want for her birthday.”

“With each passing year, my little girl gets brighter, funnier and sweeter. So glad you’re my daughter, birthday girl.”

“Birthdays are forever and forever is how long I’ll love and take care of my little girl. Best birthday wishes on your birthday, my child.”

“As you celebrate your baby girl’s birthday, know that the good wishes I’m sending come from my heart.”

Birthday Wishes For Boy Kids

To celebrate the birthday of that special little boy in your circle, send a happy birthday wish for the kid boy from the following suggestions. These wishes are not restricted to a boy alone because you may use them to wish your girl as much as to wish:

“He-Man, Batman, Superman were all little kids like you one day. Happy birthday to the most courageous boy I know.”

“You amaze everyone with the new things you keep doing. The world is waiting to see your wonders. Happy birthday, smarty!”

“You have a tiny heart with lots of love and compassion for the needy. So blessed to have you in our lives. Happy birthday precious one!”

“Crazy and fabulous. That’s you! And on your birthday I wish your life is filled with crazy adventures. Happy birthday!”

“Set new goals on your birthday and strive hard to achieve them in the coming year. Birthdays are the best time for new beginnings. Have a very happy birthday”

Birthday Wishes For Girl Kids

Need some inspiration and ideas about birthday wishes for girl kids? A few ideas with birthday wishes for girls to impress the birthday girl you will find below. A necessary tip will be to add some words from your heart and make it more emotional and personalized. For example, you can use one of the provided wishes and paraphrase it in your own way. Also, you can write a card with your signature and add something different in the text. So, in that way, you will have not just one, but two unique birthday wishes.

“You are sugar and spice. And everything is nice. On your birthday I wish you twice. Happy birthday! Happy birthday!!”

“Wishing a very joyous birthday to the Barbie kid. Happy birthday!”

“You are a girl blessed with truckloads of creativity and talent. Happy birthday little princess. Shine on!”

“Explore. Learn. Discover. And do everything you want to! A very special happy birthday to the curious mind.”

“Happy birthday to the most adorable little girl. Have lots of fun on your special day.”

“Sweeter than candies and more precious than a pearl. Happy birthday to a lovely birthday girl.”

Cute Birthday Wishes For Kids

Sometimes we want to impress the children with a little bit of different nonstandard wishes. So for these kind of people, we have selected a few sweet birthday wishes for your children to double their euphoria for the birthday:

“Small in size, Big in wonders. Happy birthday to the genius kid. May you accomplish greater heights in life.”

“Not all superheros wear capes. Some are as gentle and kind as you. On your birthday, I wish you to spread your kindness wherever you go. Happy birthday!”

“I love you little bug! You are so cute, smart, and sweet. I love watching you grow up but I’m afraid you are growing too fast.”

“Happy birthday to the cutest kid in town. Have a joyous birthday filled with cheer and laughter.”

“Play in mud and get soaked in the sun. Childhood days are the best days of your entire life. Make crazy memories every single day. Happy birthday!”

“For your birthday I wish that your worries reduce and happiness doubles. May all your dreams come true. Happy birthday, sweetheart!”

Funny Birthday Wishes For Kids

You want to make a funny birthday wish? Why not! There is a vast variety of words you can use to create a special wish. However, keep in mind that you know the kid – make it personal. Maybe you both have the same jokes or “secrets” to make fun about. Stick up to the idea to be different.

Wish those mixed birthday wishes in your child that are sure to make them happy and unfold:

“What is more fun than breaking those toys? Your birthday! Happy birthday to a very special kid.”

“Blow the candles and dig into your birthday cake. Share a slice of the cake with me. Happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday to the kid who loves broccoli more than toffees, veggies more than candies.”

“It’s that time of the year when you are allowed to monkey around and no one will stop you. It’s your birthday! Go bonkers! Happy birthday!”

“Time is flying by so fast. Your rosy cheeks remind me of your infant days. Don’t grow up so quickly. May every day of your life be as special as your birthday. Happy birthday!”

Kids Birthday Wishes Addressed To The Parents

Do not forget the parents on this special occasion. There are countries where it is a tradition to bring some flowers to the mother of the birthday kid. It is kind of a respectful gesture to make her feel special too. You can spend some time creating a beautiful wish addressed to the parents.

Here are several ideas you can find inspiration from:

“As you celebrate your little one’s birthday today, I hope you take a moment to realize how abundantly blessed you are. My birthday wish for your little one is that he/she will grow up to be a blessing to the world.”

“Sending millions of warm greetings and smiles to you on your child’s Big Day. May all his/her dreams and wishes materialize. I love you all.”

“Sending you happy birthday blessings on your child’s Big Day. May the Heavens forever keep smiling on your cute little one and your entire family.”

“I’m sending your beautiful family a bouquet of sunshine and happiness to commemorate the birthday of your son/daughter. I hope he/she has a very wonderful birthday celebration.”

“On your little angel’s birthday, I just want you to know that God has really blessed you by giving you such a wonderfully sweet child. And I know that you are doing your best to constantly put a smile on his/her face. May God continue to bless you and your little angel.”

“On your child’s birthday, I want to congratulate you for being such wonderful parents and raising such a wonderful kid. My prayer for your sweet child on his/her birthday is that the skies above him/her always remain blue.”

“I deem it a privilege to have the opportunity to know such a wonderful family like yours. On your child’s birthday, I pray for nothing but her/his happiness all the days of her/life.”