Baby Boy Shower Centerpieces

Baby showers are a great chance to get together with close to your heart people to celebrate the coming baby. As such, there are many different things you can do to make it a memorable event for everyone, including the mom-to-be. The following pointers will help you make sure your baby shower has all the fun and whimsy it deserves.

There are many ways to incorporate your baby shower theme into the food and decor. For a boy shower, for example, you could choose an ocean-inspired color scheme and serve dishes like seafood pasta salad or tomato and crab bisque. You could also serve “ocean blue” drinks like sparkling water with fruit juice, and add in some floaters.The color of a baby shower can be chosen to coincide with the theme of the party. Blue is the most popular color for a boy because it symbolizes masculinity, but you can choose other colors. You can test simple organic colors or pastels, excluding pink.


Navy boy baby showers are the most popular because the seaside theme is charming and always looks good, and it is a throwback to your last beach vacation. Another idea is a prince party. Choose royal blue for this and decorate everything with crowns. Modern boy baby showers appear stunning, simply mix some geometric details, cutest baby toys, diapers and matte shades.

These are the most popular gifts for baby showers. But there are many other items you can use to help make your party special. The type of decorations you’ll need depend on the theme of your shower, but it’s always best to keep it simple. You can never go wrong with banners, garlands, buntings, wreaths and balloons. Nowadays there are various stores you can choose from, including:

  • Vintage baby shower decorations
  • Woodland baby shower centerpieces
  • Baby boy shower crafts


The first and the second ones are perfect for outdoor baby shower decorations. Think about it and use your imagination – magic will follow.


What are some baby shower themes for a boy?

Do you need some inspiration for your baby shower themes? We will be glad to help you with the ideas. Remember that you can do the event on a budget by selecting some motives, conceptions, and details, and put them together according to your needs and preferences. 

Star Wars wars

This Star Wars-themed party is perfect for the parents-to-be with a creative flair. All you’ll need are decorations, paper goods, and food items to make this theme come to life. Invite friends to dress up as their favorite Stormtrooper or Darth Vader for some photo ops too!


A superhero party is an excellent idea for your baby shower. It will make the experience more exciting and engaging. The guests will feel like big kids, which will make them enjoy the party even more. They can also dress up as their favorite superheroes, and participate in games that involve superheroes.


There are many ways to throw a memorable sailor-themed party, but you can’t go wrong with the classic Popeye theme. The cartoon is full of nostalgic moments that will bring you and your guests into a cheerful mood, and it’s easy to set the scene with some simple decorations. Get your friends to come in their sailor hats and serve spinach for some authentic Popeye

Mickey mouse

For your next family reunion or birthday party, consider renting out Mickey Mouse’s likeness through Disney characters. Mickey Mouse is not only an iconic character, but also one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. This will make it easy for children and adults alike to find him at your event. Disney also has a wide assortment of themed goods that you can choose from.

Little prince castle

Your baby shower doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else. If you want people to feel like they’ve stepped into your favorite book, then throw them a Little Prince baby shower. Reminisce about the time you first read the story, and share memories with your friends and family.

The baby shower is important for sharing the news and celebrating with friends and family. Make it feel and look adorable. Try to put yourself into it, and you will be amazed at how this event will make everyone smile wider. 

Tips For Baby Boy Shower Cake

You might be surprised how many ideas about shower cake you will find on the Internet. Whatever – what you are about to choose is vital for your adorable memory of this baby boy shower. Find some inspiration, calculate the expenses, choose the best way to have this cake, and keep it simple.

Blue Baby Boy Bottom Cake

The “baby bottom cake” is a cake shaped like a baby’s bottom, and often part of a themed baby shower. The centerpiece of the party should be this edible and adorable creation. The base can be buttercream or fondant, depending on your skill level.

Blue Clouds & Stars For A Baby Boy Cake

This cake would be the perfect centerpiece for a baby shower with an “A Star Is Born” theme, for example. It’s even cuter with the “Oh Boy!” message on the side of the cake. The stars and clouds can easily be made using fondant applied to paper lollipop sticks or skewers that then get inserted into it.

Baby Boy Cabbage Cake

This cake is based on the popular cabbage patch dolls from the 1980s. The cake baker would use green fondant to create realistic-seeming cabbage leaves, and then produce a baby boy-shaped cake with light pink frosting. This cake has been photographed in front of a background of pastel colors.

Safari Animals Baby Shower Cake for a Boy

This cake is a wonderful addition to an animal-themed baby shower. It’s perfect for parents-to-be who want to celebrate their impending arrival with friends and family. The combination of real-life safari animals and jungle colors makes this the perfect theme.

Football Baby Shower “It’s a Boy” Cake or Cupcakes

The theme of this baby shower is a football-themed baby shower. The mom-to-be is a big fan, so a cake and cupcakes with the flags from all countries that have won the World Cup are a well-planned design for the event.

Soccer Ball Baby Shower Cupcakes

For a soccer-themed baby shower, try using frosting to create the green turf underneath the cupcakes. To make the cake look like a soccer goal, use white frosting to make two half circles with black dots on top of each other. If you want to show that this is an international baby shower, there’s no need for multiple sports ball topping options.

Baby Elephant Theme Baby Shower Cake

Spherical decorations on cakes are an influential trend at the moment. Although this particular cake would be perfect for an elephant-themed baby shower, you could swap the elephant for any other animal or character if your theme is something else. To achieve the hot air balloon shown on this cake, stabilize the cake ball with some skewers.

Personalized Baby Boy Gifts Ideas

When it comes to baby showers, guests might face some difficulties choosing the best present for the newborn. Should it be difficult? We do not think so. Here you will find some interesting ideas for memorable gifts personalized for the baby boy.

Monogrammed Hooded Baby Towel

There’s nothing better than the smell of a newborn baby, except maybe the smell of a newborn baby after a warm bath. This monogrammed terry cloth hooded towel will wrap them up into a warm, snugly baby burrito after bath time, just begging to be squeezed and gnawed on. 

Hand stamped Custom Baby Spoons

Transitioning to baby food is an exciting milestone for parents. Fun, safe, and nutritious baby food is the key to helping your little one learn how to eat independently. It can also be interesting to find the best and cutest designs for the little boy. These spoons are the perfect gift that will help them achieve this milestone.

Personalized Baby Book

The perfect gift for any new parent, this personalized children’s book features the child as the star of the story. The story follows them on their life journey, capturing their firsts and lasts. The book includes the baby’s first and last name and date of birth, as well as the date when you gifted the book, and your name to list on the dedication page.

Personalized Stuffed Animal 

Personalized, embroidered gifts are an awesome way to make the gift more special. This is especially true in babies, where parents want to find the right name for their child. With this plushy, you can not only have the baby boy or baby girl’s name embroidered on it, but also have an adorable bear face that

Birth Info Keepsake Pillow

With this purchase, you’ll get a keepsake pillow that will be admired for years to come. The baby’s name is printed on the pillow with birth year and weight. The pillow is made with natural cotton canvas and stuffed with hypoallergenic faux down, so it is an excellent gift for the parents! Just be sure to spot

Moon and Stars Night Light

Our name etched night light is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that will help your child sleep at night. This particular design provides a soft, amber hue that will give their room the perfect amount of light to identify what they need while they play, while still being safe and dark enough for them to drift off to sleep.

Need Summarized Advice?

It doesn’t matter how luxurious the baby shower will be. It should be memorable and emotional enough for both: parents and guests. Try to keep it simple – the whole conception should be organized, but do not frustrate it. Give yourself time to think about the vision and budget if you are the main person in crime. If you are a guest, choose a baby boy gift that fulfills your heart because the best presents come from it.