You may have heard parents saying that girls are pretty easier to potty train than boys. However, this is not true. To be frank, girls are not that easy to potty train. However, they take some months earlier to train than boys. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean it is same for all girls. Some may even take time. However, the best thing is that girls are much neater in this when compared to boys. They are aware of hygiene (say for example washing & wiping their hands). This article will help you give some potty training tips for girls. Read on

3 Ultimate Tips For Potty Training Girls

  1. Make The Session Fun

This is one of the important potty training tips for girls. For this, you require going for shopping with your girl. Begin by getting some underwear & allow her to pick whatever she wants, maybe with her beloved character printed on it – such as Cinderella or Mickey Mouse. Just remember that when your kid is completely ready for using potty on daily basis, she must only wear her panties. Let your little one decide a neat colorful potty from those plenty of vibrant colors available. In addition, consider picking little toilet papers in pink, orange or the ones that are your kid’s favorite color. Now, the key out here is making her potty training session a fun blast.

  1. Begin With Right Position

This is one of the important potty training tips for girls to note down. Ensure that your little girl’s feet lie flat onto the ground. And her pelvis has to be in horizontal position. Usually, kids require something or object to push on against it. By having her feet planted firmly, your daughter feels more secure. She even finds it easy to push & going. She will not be scared at all to drop in the potty. Moreover, this will prevent accidental messes. Have your kid sit back or forward, as she prefers it to be. Nevertheless, remember that sitting far forward leads to unnecessary leakage.

  1. Train Them About Wiping

Girls must always wipe right from her front side to back. This is very important to teach them. This is why I am writing this down on potty training tips for girls. Proper wiping ensures that there isn’t any bacteria formation at her urinary tract. Explain this by doing it to her doll. Remember that they are only little girls and they require 100% clear demos and assistance to know things from you. You may want to get disposable wipes; however, there is no need. Wipes usually have chemicals and each time you employ them, it disrupts vaginal mucosa. It can be extremely irritating and even causes redness. Rather, use toilet paper. Train your girl that only few sheets of it are really required. After that teach her how important is washing hands after potty.