Some parents find potty training very stressful or hard but the fact is that is isn’t. You just have to be acquainted with few little tips and you will soon learn how and when to start potty training boys. Read to know

Before I explain you when to start potty training boys, it is important for me to write something over here. Check below

When Do You Start Potty Training?

This is that one frequently asked question – when do you start potty training actually? Let me explain you this. Healthy kids are not emotionally and physically ready to begin using potties until they’re between the age 18 months & 3-years. However, boys tend being ready only after some months than girls. Usually, parents begin training their kids between the age 2 years & 3 years. You must never force your kid to use potty unless he or she is completely ready for it.

When To Start Potty Training Boys?

It is hard for you to believe this but with few little tips, you will be able to potty train your boy easily. It hardly takes a week if you train the right way. When other parents can, even you can.

  1. Split The Training In Sessions

According to experts, it is smart to train your son by splitting up sessions. This includes few hours during morning and few during afternoon. Make him eat, play and drink as usual but make sure to spend every 15-minutes of his time on a potty. At the session’s end, revert to diaper & then do your work. Now, have another potty session like this. When you reach 3rd or 4th day of these potty sessions, you will see that your boy is now learning how to do.

  1. Expressions Are Important

When it comes to the question when to start potty training boys, then this is something you need to know. Let your kid peruse your house… perhaps, naked or with his t-shirt on because he isn’t wearing a underwear or diaper. Since that, he will not have any proper place to drop his poop or pee; he requires dropping it somewhere— of course, in a toilet! When he tries putting in potty, ensure you two have a dirty look (as in – yuck! This expression is very important because this makes him realize that he is not supposed to do this.) On the other hand, make sure to teach him why flushing is important. Express him the whooshing water sound.

  1. Applaud, Appreciate Or Reward

Stamps, stickers on his hand are some best potty prizes and never go beyond this because you will end spoiling him. Apart from these, even food prizes such as pizza party or ice cream are also cool ideas. On the other hand, if you do not wish spending money, look around for any art project that you and your son can do jointly. Later have it displayed as his “ultimate potty prize.”