Reading and making your little one write is extremely important phase of his or her life. As a new parent, you often wonder how to teach your child to read. It all seems new to you and often stuck how to begin with. To help you out, I am going to tell you few useful tips so that you get an idea. Read on

How To Teach A Child To Read?

  1. Read It Aloud To Your Kid

The initial step on how to teach your child to read is none other than to read the content aloud. I will never suggest you advocating those teaching programs using flashcards. Out here, I recommend you reading the story aloud to your little one. This not only strengthens that special bonding between you two but also makes her to adore books soon.

  1. Make The Session Interactive

Even before the kid learns reading, he or she can start with small comprehensions. As you start reading stories aloud to them, you can keep the session interactive by asking few questions on different characters in the story. Keep the questions simple and not complicated. Say for example; ask “can you see the cat”? “Yes?” “Where is it?” Ask him or her to point out the dog. This way, even they will like it and even you will come to know if they are really paying attention or not.

  1. Keep The Books In A Place Where They Are Easily Accessible

This is something important to note down when it comes to how to teach your child to read. It is not really good to have books lying all around your house but isn’t good either to keep the books on spots, where your little one cannot even reach. Keep the books low or in lower shelves so that your kids can easily access them. If possible, build a colorful fancy bookshelf. This attracts him or her to reach the spot very easily.

  1. Flashcards Aren’t That Helpful

When it comes to the question how to teach kids to read, parents often go with flashcards. Though few companies have been successful in advertising specialized flashcards for helping toddlers, babies and preschoolers to read but they are outdated in the recent days. They never improve reading skills. Generally, flashcards aren’t 100% effective or useful technique to teach or improve reading skills. Therefore, it is better to avoid them & substitute flashcards for something else.

  1. Begin With Basics

Fundamentals are the basics for everything. Hence, it is important for your kid to be thorough with basics. Do this when your kids has developed some word awareness. Start breaking words to individual letters. Even though typical alphabet songs are primary means to teach alphabets, try getting more creative. You need to explain every letter with some associated name. Begin teaching lower case alphabets initially. The upper case letters account only 5% in entire written English. Hence, pay more concentration in teaching lower case alphabets. On the other hand, lower case are more significant in enhancing reading skills.