Can Pregnant Women Get A Tattoo? Some of us are tattoo lovers, but is getting a tattoo while pregnant a good idea? If you’re pregnant about getting a tattoo in the future, here are some reasons why you should avoid it:

What Are The Risks Of Pregnancy And Tattoos?

 Pregnant women should not get a tattoo because it can harm the baby. A pregnant woman’s immune system is weak, and this makes her body vulnerable to infection. Even if she thinks she feels well, there may be an underlying infection in her body that could be passed on to the baby through the bloodstream when a needle goes into the skin during a tattoo session. Here is a full look at that topic:

Can Pregnant Women Get A Tattoo ? Or Breast-Feeding Woman?

Tattoos are widely popular and frequently seen in our day-to-day life. But there is a question that always arises about pregnant women getting tattoos. Can pregnant women get a tattoo? Can a breastfeeding woman get a tattoo? The topic has raised many questions related to the safety of the baby and the procedure of getting a tattoo while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Before going into the details, it is important to know why you need to ask this question in the first place. The reason behind asking this question is, getting a tattoo on your body while pregnant or breastfeeding may potentially cause harm to your baby due to the chemicals used during the tattoo. In the next section we will talk about the risks of getting a tattoo during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

What Are The Risks Of Getting A Tattoo While Being Pregnant or Breast-Feeding ?

Tattoos are more popular among women, but some do not know that getting a tattoo during pregnancy can be dangerous. Nowadays, the popularity of tattoos is growing significantly. More and more people decide to make their bodies look more colorful, get some ink, a black and white drawing, or even a colorful one. Tattoos are usually made on hands, neck, and arms, but sometimes they cover the whole body. There are many more factors to consider before making this decision. Here is a list of the risks and complications of getting a tattoo during pregnancy:

can pregnant women get a tattoo

Bacterial infection

The first risk is that tattoos can cause bacterial infections. They can be extremely dangerous, not only to the pregnant woman, who is getting the tattoo but also to her baby. Low hygiene standards often cause bacterial infections. Used or not safely kept, needles can spread these infections. If the tattoo artist doesn’t keep the studio, and the materials clean, that should be a red flag.

Viral infection

Viral Infections from tattoos can be incurable. As more and more people get tattoos, there is a greater risk of getting an infection. Infections like HIV are extremely serious, and the risk of passing it to your baby, if infected while being pregnant is huge!

Skin reactions

Skin reactions are a common problem for people who have allergies. An allergic reaction can sound not that big of a deal, but it can cause serious problems for you and your baby. Your last problem will be congested pores, discoloration, and a dull appearance. An allergic reaction and tattooing itself can cause  anxiety which can make you go into labor earlier than planed. We all know that this can do extreme damage to your baby.

This video gives you information on the topic, and why you shouldn’t get a tattoo while being pregnant:

Can I Get A Henna Tattoo While Breastfeeding?

“Can I get a henna tattoo while breastfeeding?” is a question that comes up pretty often. Henna is a natural dye that can be used to decorate the skin. It is used for the temporary marking of special occasions and has been used since ancient times in India and the Middle East. People who are breastfeeding may wonder if they can get a henna tattoo while breastfeeding, or if it will negatively impact their baby. If you want a henna tattoo the best thing you can do is consult with a doctor or a specialist.

Will an existing tattoo cause problems during pregnancy?

The quick answer, according to experts and medical professionals, is no. An existing tattoo will not cause problems during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, there is nothing you need to do differently with your tattoo.

Can I get an epidural if I have a back tattoo?

If you have a tattoo on your back, should you get an epidural? An epidural is a kind of medicine that numbs your back. It’s often used during childbirth. The answer to this question is Yes. Your tattoo doesn’t matter, if you need an epidural you will get it. A problem that will appear is if your tattoo is swollen or infected.

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