Boho Style & Designs For Girls: From The Bedroom to The Name

Bohemian design is a unique style that can add a lot to your home. Though it may not be the look you think of when you think of decorating, it has been around for centuries and can easily fit into any home or lifestyle. It’s the perfect look for those who enjoy a casual, fun-filled aesthetic with a global influence. 

Boho Girls Bedroom

Design builds credibility and brand recognition by creating a consistent visual language. It not only makes a memorable impression but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. It is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and clarifying what it is you offer that makes you the better choice.

As a designer, I love designing for my clients and I am always willing to try new projects and see what works. A client recently asked me to design a room for her, and she is a painter. They wanted the room to feel like their paintings, but they wanted it to be modern and chic. 

Before – the room was painted a turquoise and mango color. We wanted to lighten up the room and make it more sophisticated. It had an old flush mount light fixture and dated wooden blinds. It needed a good freshening.

After– The room is now white with floral wallpaper, white bedspread, and wood box frame.

This room is an amazing example of a room with a lot of natural light. There are three windows in this room so there is lots of light coming in! This room has been featured in magazines and design websites. Stella’s old bedroom is also on the website, which proves how great it is! Scroll down for the resources in this room.

Boho Girl Wall Art

Boho girl wall art is a popular element to add in every event you plan in this thematic atmosphere. We have selected some ideas to consider and personalize on your own. There is a huge variety of suggestions you can find inspiration from but always stick to the idea to make it a little bit personal and customized. It will create a cozy and comfortable mood and everybody will feel very boho. 

5 Boho Chic Bedrooms 

Bohemian style is really about the attitude you carry with you into your everyday life. It’s care-free and unapologetic. You take joy in anything that sparks your interest, regardless of whether it’s expensive or not. Bohemian style isn’t about what you wear; it’s about how you carry yourself.

The best decor is one that speaks to you, reflects your passions and personality, and is a reflection of your life history. Meaningful objects gathered through your personal experience can make a beautiful decor piece. Artwork, antiques, and interesting travel souvenirs all make beautiful decor pieces. It’s also important to mix up your decor pieces from time to time with new colors.

French Bohemian

French By Design is an online store that sells chic, high-quality French inspired decor, gifts, and home accessories. They carry all the latest styles of French style at affordable prices. You can also find information on how to dress your home with a desert French style.

Vintage Camper Boho

This vintage camper from Turquoise + Tobacco is a laid-back boho getaway with a sleeping area as stylish as any full size bedroom. It all starts with a foundation of clean white walls and warm mid-tone wood floors, layered generously with soft neutral textiles: a mix of simple navy and white striped linens; a jumble of leather, embro.

Colorful Kids Boho

The bedroom has a fresh and airy feel thanks to white paint on the walls and a matching bright white four poster bed with vintage curves. The whole room is a mix of bright colors and patterns that kids love. A vintage rattan chair, colorful wall art, and textiles in a mix of bright colors and patterns add an earthy, playful vibe to these colorful kids.

French Country Boho

Boho-inspired bedrooms can be surprisingly simple to create, and that’s what makes them so special. This French country-style bedroom was designed with a romantic flair that’s perfect for lounging in throughout the day.

Boho Rattan

This modern bedroom has a whimsical vintage headboard that sets the tone for the cozy space. A mix of wall art, a velvet pouf, and a collection of wide-brimmed hats make a statement in this living room. Simple bedding and a distressed-looking rug add to the warm and inviting feel of this small bedroom.

Boho Girl Nursery

When it comes to boho nursery – we can help. Here are some ideas for thematic elements you should take into consideration. Remember that you can always change some of the trends and add extra creativity to the final design.


The white walls and crib in this baby room are supported by natural materials like rattan, wood, and upholstered furniture. Bright colors like yellow and green also add to the homey ambiance. Every piece is coordinated with the rest of the room. The result? A stylish, modern space that’s perfect for growing families.


The black and white nursery is a chic space that will keep your little one happy and on her toes. The starry ceiling is sure to catch her eye, and the beautiful white walls make certain your baby’s room will always feel magical. The black furniture will allow you to bring in a little color with the cute pillows on the rocking chair.

Prickly & Pink

The pink-and-natures trend is a beautiful way to decorate a girls’ nursery. There are a few ways to go about a boho-inspired room, including incorporating nature into the design. This room’s cactus wallpaper and armchair coordinates with the other neutral pieces of furniture and accessories in the room to create a soothing, peaceful, and natural vibe.

Vintage Vibes

If you’re on the hunt for a bohemian baby room theme, it’s easy to find inspiration. You can run wild with a bohemian baby room theme, and one such idea is to make the old new again. Vintage wall hangings, rugs, and mirrors are perfectly bohemian in effect and easy to manipulate into the bigger picture.

Rainbow Wall Decor

There are many options when it comes to choosing a wall decor piece for your nursery. Whether you are looking for something modern or retro, boho or traditional, you are sure to find something that will make this room feel extra special. If you are on the hunt for a new wall hanging, visit Etsy’s website where you can shop for unique handmade products.

Boho Girl Baby Shower Decorations

A trendy and inspiring baby shower decoration is focused on the boho style and elements. Boho girl baby showers are a perfect idea for moms and families that really like events without many frills. You can find so many beautiful and stylish designs for inspiration on Pinterest and other resources. Think about the colors and motives you would like to combine and at the end you will have the most beautiful baby shower decoration in a boho style. 

Boho Girls Clothes

I’m not the only one who’s changed. The whole fashion industry has changed with boho girls now taking over the fashion world.  The 10 most awesome boho girls out there are now all over social media. They’re wearing trendy t-shirts, head scarves, and plaids to give you all the inspiration you need for your next outfit!

I have compiled my list of fashion-forward bohemian influencers with locations across the globe. These women are at the forefront of the fashion industry with their own unique style, boho lifestyle, and dreamy travels. Be inspired by their personal style and learn more about their latest adventures. 

Rosemary Retro

Rosemary, a blogger from Rochester, New York, is an Instagram influencer with almost 1.5 million followers. As a lifestyle blogger, she shares her passion for travel and fashion through her blog and Instagram account. She has been blogging since 2013 and started to gain traction later that year. Rosemary’s style is inspired by the 70s retro vibe.

Céline La Vie Boheme 

Celine is one of the most influential bloggers in Switzerland. She began with her own jewelry store and then took up blogging. With her love for travel, Celine has visited some of the most beautiful places on earth with her husband, who she describes as her “Instagram husband.” They have their own little van to travel around in sharing their adventures with us.

Elise Cook

A boho girl pure at heart and probably one of the sweetest girls I’ve been following on Instagram. Traveling the Byron Bay coast while living in her hippie van, she and her lovely husband recently opened up their own sunset place. Elise is one of Spell Designs’ favorite models and I completely understand why. 

Lisa Danielle

Lisa is the perfect professional, whether she’s striking a pose for a photo shoot or strutting her stuff on the runway. Lisa loves to be in front of the camera and enjoys the creative process, which has led to a diverse career in modeling, acting, and makeup artistry.

The Salty Blonde

Halley is a New York-born and Oahu-based blonde who is a no-nonsense boho girl. She calls herself a bad influencer and that’s just why she is so unique! You will often find her wandering the shores of Hawaii with her ever so gorgeous blonde hair wearing the latest bikini. This girl tells it like it is.

Boho Girl Names

In the 21st century, it’s not just the clothes that are changing, but the names as well. Think Boho, Bohemian, and otherwise casually stylish. The names are flowing in from every direction and we want to make sure you have your pick of the latest trend.

“Boho” is short for “bohemian,” a term that is culturally unconventional in an artistic way. If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful baby name, then bohemian names are just the ticket. In recent years, boho names have become increasingly popular. Each of these will make your little one feel like a fabulous hippie or flower child.

The name’s origin and meaning is a romantic and captivating concept. These name’s also offer a variety of options for parents to choose from when it comes to spelling and pronunciation. You’ll be able to pick the perfect name for your little one in no 44.


Aurelia is the female form of the Latin name Aurelius, an ancient Roman surname. Aurelius is derived from the Latin word aureus, meaning “golden,” which was also the name of a gold coin used in Ancient Rome.


Luna was the Roman goddess of the moon, and is often depicted as a woman with a crown of 12 stars on her head. She is often shown driving a chariot drawn by goats. Luna’s divine counterpart is Sol, the god of the sun. In Roman art, he is often depicted driving a quadriga-a chariot pulled by four horses.


Freya is a modern, feminine counterpart to the Norse god Freyr in terms of name and appearance. The line between the two deities was blurred because in some texts, Freyr is given a feminine name and Freya is given a masculine name. Freya is the patroness of love, beauty, and fertility.


Ophelia’s been a popular name for girls since Shakespeare’s time, but it fell from grace for a while because of its association with the tragic character Ophelia in Hamlet. But more and more parents are beginning to put that association aside and choose names like Ophelia for their babies, as the name has come back into circulation.


In Greek mythology, the nymph is the daughter of Peneus, a river god. Peneus saved Daphne from Apollo’s romantic obsessions by transforming her into a laurel tree. It is from this myth that the plant genus daphne, which contains the laurel species, gets its name.


For many years, Clementine was a popular name that didn’t make the US Top 1000. In fact, it was included in the US Top 1000 only once since 1968. However, Clementine is making a comeback and is now found on the list of most popular names for girls. It has been used as a name for more than fifty years.


Flora is an easy name to pronounce and spell, and it has a nice floral quality. It’s also short and simple–a great name for a baby girl or for someone who wants to keep things pretty simple. Flora is one of the most popular flower names in the world, so there are plenty of options out there.


Zara is an internationally known clothing brand. The company has its origins in Spain, but was founded in 1960. Zara offers a wide variety of clothing for consumers of all ages, genders, and sizes. The company has become the largest clothing retailer in the world.


The name was given to a baby in the Old Testament, where it means “dove” in Hebrew. In Spanish, it’s a gender-neutral name that means “this one,” and in English, it’s a female name with meanings such as “one who provides peace.” It’s not a diminutive of Noah, which is why it doesn’t mean little Noah.


The name Andromeda is a popular choice, but it is becoming less common in recent years. It is not uncommon for parents to choose unique baby names that are not already overused. But the Bohemian Andromeda makes a dramatic and adventurous choice in a time when four-syllable mythological names are gradually making their way into the mainstream.