Sensory and Cognitive Activities For Better Learning Process – Every Parent Should Know

From the time that your little one is born, you will slowly start to understand their personality. Once you become familiar with their likes and dislikes, they will slowly start to sleep better for longer periods of time and you’ll begin to notice how much more alert and happy they are when playing. It’s a process but it happens. Just remember patience is key!

What To Expect From Your 2 Month Old Baby?

At 2 months, your baby still has not learned how to roll over or sit up on their own yet. They are still sleeping 15-16 hours a day, but they are now able to sit up on their own. Your little one still has some reflexes that they will continue to have at this age, such as the sucking reflex.

At 2 months, your baby is still developing their vision. They are starting to explore their world with their hands and are beginning to move around more. They have a good sense of hearing so it’s important to talk to them in their language. When they are awake, they will try to bat things when they are in front of them. 

Sensory Activities For 2 Month Old

Here you will find games and activities that your child can do to promote their sensory development. Activities are divided by age so it is easy to find games and activities that are age appropriate. Visit our Sensory Page for more information, ways to track your child’s progress, Sensory videos, and Sensory handouts or visit our Baby Games.

Play is an important part of a healthy and happy baby. It helps with learning and enhances physical and mental development, and it encourages bonding and closeness. Whether you’re playing with your baby or just having some time to yourself, remember to take care of yourself as well as your baby.

Tummy Time

Tummy time is essential for your baby’s development. Tummy time strengthens muscles, encourages coordination, and helps your baby to develop the motor skills they need to crawl, pull themselves up and sit up. It also helps with the physical development of their face and head.

Floor time play

I know you’re wondering why, but babies need to be on the ground. There is no better way to strengthen important muscles than by getting your baby down on the ground. We all know that babies need to move around and experience new things, but babies also need help strengthening their muscles. We recommend that you try to spend time with your baby on the ground.

Moving with your baby

Your baby’s vestibular system is developing on the way to being adult-sized. We all have this ability to sense that we are moving, but your baby’s growing vestibular system more fully develops into an accurate sense of direction. Doing so helps them learn about the world around them.

Moving with your baby is a great way to bond and stimulate your baby’s brain. You can also use this time to establish a gentle, loving rhythm of motion and watch your baby’s eyes light up as they follow the motion.

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

Your child is learning to focus on movement. They are learning how to follow the movement of your hand or foot. If you move your hand or foot close to their face, they will look up and watch it.

Babies need to be in the same position for prolonged periods of time, and this can be difficult when you’re trying to keep your baby entertained. Positioning them in the same way every time will help your baby sleep and play better.

Lets Look At Things

As your baby develops and becomes more mobile, she will be able to follow objects and focus her eyes on them for a longer period of time. This skill is vital for your baby’s development. You can encourage your little one’s visual skills early by playing with toys that have interesting shapes and colors.

Outdoor Activities For 2 Month Old

Every parent should take their baby out for some outdoor play every day. It’s a great way for parents to bond with their little ones. It can also give them the stimulation they need in order to develop important brain connections. It’s best to keep your baby outdoors for as much time as possible.

Spending time outdoors will help them develop an understanding of the different sounds and sights they encounter, developing their senses. Outdoor activities involve crunching leaves, smelling flowers, watching birds flitter by, and seeing the world.

Activities like tummy time and walking will help your baby learn how to regulate his own breathing. While they’re learning, you can use the opportunity to teach your baby good eating and sleeping habits, as well as what to expect from strangers. We did lots of tummy time outside with both boys. Our eldest used to watch the dog roam around the yard.

Cognitive Activities For 2 Month Old

Cognitive activities are extremely important when it comes to baby’s experience and skill development. Thanks to a huge variety of ways and methods of learning you can help your child understand and feel the world around him/her. Around the second month it is recommended to start practising cognitive skills by participating in cognitive activities. Here are some ideas to try!

Reading To Your Baby

Books are one of the best ways to show your baby love. When your child is young, they have a lot of energy and they want to spend time with mom and dad. Spending time with them can go a long way in getting them used to spending time with you at a later age.

For parents, there are benefits to using a white noise machine for your baby. White noise machines provide a calming sound that can help your baby sleep better. They also provide peace and comfort during the day. With the use of a white noise machine, it’s easy to create a consistent nurturing environment for your child and avoid unnecessary stressors.

Reading to your baby is a great way to start a lifelong love of reading! Letting your baby explore text with you will help him or her develop a strong foundation for learning. In order to encourage your baby, don’t read all the words on each page, just the ones you want them to know. 


Musical play is an essential part of childhood. It helps develop auditory skills, motor skills, and social development. Music also encourages creativity, imagination, and positive emotions. For these reasons, it’s important that children are exposed to music.

Toys That Make Sound

The musical toys are designed to awaken the baby’s senses. You can create a soothing environment by offering something that has a soothing sound. The sounds that the musical toys make will be comforting for your baby, and she will learn how to use her senses to explore and learn about the world around her.

Talking To Your Baby

Talking to your baby is not only beneficial for her development, but it also helps you bond with her. Studies show that talking to your baby is beneficial to their language development. You can also use singing or reading aloud to help your baby develop language. There are no “right” or “wrong” ways of speaking or singing to your baby!

Hang A Mobile Above Her Cribe

Hang a mobile above the changing table or attach a mobile to the frame of her crib. Hang a mobile in her room or add a mobile to your baby’s play gym. The contrast in the colors will help her focus when she’s too tired from playing.

Hang up a Mirror

You want to provide your daughter with the opportunity to see herself in all her glory. A mirror is great for developing self-confidence. What better way to do that than to have a mirror near the changing table? The large mirror will allow your daughter to see herself when she’s playing on the floor.

Toys  For 2 Month Old

The best toys for your child during the first year will help them learn and grow as they explore the world around them. As your baby becomes more active, transition to a more challenging toy. Now that your little one is eating solids, introduce a spoon or fork and start teaching them to eat with utensils.

Music Toy

This toy arch with dangling toys can bring a smile on your baby’s face. It can keep your baby engaged with it attractive appearance and music. It is also easy to attach to strollers and bassinets. With the teether within baby’s reach, you can encourage your little one to reach for it and stimulate their senses as they play.

A Sensory Experience

High-contrast images are important for a baby’s eyesight development. They allow for better contrast of colors and make it easier to see details. In terms of baby products, high-contrast items are often used as baby toys or as baby books or blankets with soft textures. Look for something with a simple shape and black and white pictures to keep things interesting.

Tummy Time Boost

Many parents prefer tummy time because it helps build a healthy back and neck. However, some babies might find tummy time challenging. This booster is made with a soft blanket and three travel-sized toys for your baby to enjoy while they’re on their back. The unique design of this item props baby up just enough so they can interact with their toys while also strengthening.

Lamaze Toy

A Lamaze toy is a must-have for your child. It helps to develop hand skills and stimulates the senses. Plus, the soft, squeezable balls and teethers help soothe sore gums and tummies. A Lamaze toy will be a treasured friend that your child will use day in and day out.